Longarm Quilting with Rulers: Beginner

If you are brand new to longarm quilting with rulers or would just like to improve your basic ruler/template skills, this is the class for you. The class day encompasses some very basic tracing and drawing as well as hands-on quilting in pairs or small teams. Everyone will get the chance to quilt a lot.

Students will learn proper safety procedures and the basics of how to hold rulers and coordinate moving the longarm quilting machine to quilt ruler-based designs. Many straight-line patterns like cross-hatching and dot-to-dot designs will be practiced as well as some gentle curves. We will also have a play session with a variety of specialty rulers. This is the class you need if you have been wanting to quilt with rulers but have been scared to start and just didn’t know how to begin. It’s tons of fun!

CLASS FEE: Various depending on venue. Check the calendar for class dates and laoctions.

KIT: $30 (includes RULER WORK 101® acrylic ruler, drawing disc, design poster board and sharing of a printed class practice panel.)


  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie Marker
  • Optional Machine Quilting Rulers (must be at least 1/4″ thick). For the play session, you may bring your own machine quilting rulers from home or try some of my stash of rulers. You can also purchase rulers directly from me at the start of class or anytime during the class, if you would like. I will have plenty to choose from.