4 thoughts on “VIDEO: APRIL 2021 RULER LINE-UP

  1. Edda Katz says:

    Hi, I own a longarm and I am Looping for good rulers. Will you ship to Europe? I also love the Baptist Fan pattern

    • michael says:

      Hello Edda,
      Yes, my site should be set up to ship to Europe – depending on where in Europe, but it should go through. Give it a try. If there are any problems with checkout,. let me know and I will see if I can fix.
      Thank You!

    • michael says:

      Hi Betsy!
      It depends on what you are quilting. If your quilt is based on blocks. If you take a look at the ruler’s markings, you will see how many in marks are on them. Let’s take the CurveIt 12 for example. It has 8 inches marked within the design – this ruler would be perfect for a 8″ block or smaller. The smaller the block is, the more shallow the 12 would be. The CurveIt 14 has 10 full inches marked within it, it would be perfect for a 10″ block or smaller. Your question prompts me to make a chart – so I will get on that.
      Hope this helps!
      Happy Quilting!

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