For full custom projects, I specialize in ruler work combined with organic elements (spirals, leaves, feathers, pebbles, etc.). I hand-guide all of the designs through the entire quilting process.

Edge to Edge quilting is seeing a resurgence as the most popular method in which to have your quilts finished. Computer driven for efficient accuracy, there are more design choices than ever imaginable. I offer some of my own designs alongside many that I have purchased for you to choose from. If you don’t see something you like, I could take a stab at designing something for you or I am willing to split costs with you to purchase something new if we both like the design!



I am always fair, but also realistic about time/labor. Estimate by using the total square inches of your quilt multiplied by .025-.10 (depending on service). We will adjust up or down as needed, depending on time spent.


Your choice of 80/20 Cotton/Poly ($12.50/yd) or Quilter’s Dream Wool ($15/yd). Other battings sometimes available. If you provide your own, it must be of high quality and at least 4 inches larger than your quilt top on all sides.


I do not charge for thread, unless excessive color changing is required. I stitch with Glide, Superior Omni and Superior So Fine: I use the same color thread on top and in bobbin – this may blend or be prominent on the back.


You provide the backing. Please ensure that it is at very minimum 4 inches larger around the entire perimeter of the quilt top. It must be squared so I can load it properly onto the frame.


Please press your quilt well and make sure the seams are lying flat in the direction you prefer or press them open for maximum flatness. Also be sure to trim away any loose threads.


I am sorry, but I do not offer full binding service. However, we can discuss my stitching the binding to the top side of the quilt (you would need to finish it) for a fee per linear inch.


I do not charge for trimming. I will trim down all four sides unless you tell me otherwise. Any very large scraps will be given back to you when I ship out/you pick up your finished quilt.


You will need to pay for shipping costs both ways. My shipping cost back to you will be included in your invoice. (If you happen to be near the Dallas, TX area, we could arrange a local drop-off/pick-up in person.)


There is a minimum $50 charge for any longarm quilting project.

For Custom Quilting, a deposit may be required prior to my starting work on it. We can discuss.

If you are dropping off/picking up in person, much of the above applies. But you could drop off on large drapery hanger, in bag, in box or whatever you like.

Have a Question? I am happy to speak with you via email or phone. Please use the Contact form (or button to the right).